Saturday, July 7

A Good Fat in Disguise?

What is stearic acid?

Stearic acid is a saturated (sat) fat that's found mainly in animal products.
Now, most of us know that sat fat is one of the bad fats, another villain being trans fat (the buzz word these days in health).

However, some studies have suggested that stearic fat has little effect on blood cholesterol levels, because such a high proportion is converted to oleic acid (one of the good fats).

NOTE: If you have been diagnosed with hyperlipidemia or hypercholesterolemia (>240mg/dL), please consult a dietitian. This post is meant for those who are healthy and have normal cholesterol levels.

So the question now is, how does one apply this knowledge? As it's also found in some foods like chocolate (ooo..caught your attention there now din I?). This cld mean that eating chocs might be alright for your cholesterol levels.
It's very stable in storage and during frying. A relatively large percentage of stearic acid consumed is converted to oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat). Stearic acid is also found in like steaks and meat, so guys, fear not, not only gals have the chocolate advantage. Ok, now this doesn't mean u have the license to eat an infinite amts of chocs or steaks. IT just means that u MIGHT not have to worry too much abt it affecting your cholesterol levels.
AND...though ur cholesterol might not be affected too much, u wouldn't want your teeth get too affected now wld u (chocs are high in sugar and that rots your teeth!)?

Well, I'd just like to end by most things, moderation is the key...

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