Sunday, July 8

the beautiful, charming and lovely rinaz aka My First Ping Event

I just came back from the 1st anniversary par-tay!

(Ok...not JUST came back from there lah, I also went shopping before coming home)

It was great seeing everyone in the flesh (Uzyn: nice friendly dude, Sek Ling: she's so nice and smiley, Rinaz: "the beautiful, charming and lovely rinaz", Veron: I think she's hawt btw!, DK, Daph, BB aka Adam, etc)
btw, CONGRATS to Veron, Eastcoastlife, Keropok man!!! I love your sites!

Though I left earlier (shopping obviously ranked higher...sorry! =P), I was glad to have spoken to some (namely, Uzyn and Rinaz only)
It's nice to put a face to those names u see frequently

I must admit that I thought that all I am going to see are like, geeky looking people but I was quite wrong! I kinda also admire the energy and passion in putting down their thoughts online even though many work, study i.e. leading rather busy lives.
SO...How do you guys do it? Blog so much, regular updates, interact with your readers, get so many comments (and answering them), constantly improving the design of your blogs, etc
Pray tell ya?!

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