Tuesday, March 13

Working wif kids

Thanks Shan fer the lobang!

Today, thks to shan, my sis and I got some work to do (rather than 'rot' at home the whole day doing meaningless starings at our computer screens)

The mission: Entertain kids and help them with their art and crafts
The place: Courts Megamall (@Tampines)

My sis and I spent the whole day trying to kids to join us in our art and crafts sessions. We did stained glass stickers, making greeting cards, and pencil holders (we also attempted at air tattoo but could not figure out how the darn airbrush contraception works!?)

Those kids were aw-so-cuuute! They were sooo adorable I wish I could bring them home!

I took some pictures too (unfortunately their faces couldn't be seen clearly)