Thursday, March 15

Makan Review - Satsuma shochu

Satsuma shochu dining bar @The Gallery Hotel
Great ambience, sit by the bar, traditional jap, or table and chair - u choose
Satsuma is the ancient name of the current Kagoshima prefecture in Japan. It's the place that produces the best imo (sweet potato) shochu, a popular drink in Japan. Shochu is a popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Japan that is typically fermented from sweet potatoes, barley or rice.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Satsuma when you first step into it. Satsuma is not your traditional Japanese izakaya (casual Japanese pub). The wood-themed furniture with painted sakura motifs on wall brings you into a modern day Japanese pub setting, a pretty, rustic, nihon-styled fairytale setting, and lotsa yummy food!!
Dishing out a contemporary twist of Japanese cuisine, expect to find not only traditional Japanese food but also fusion dishes. This is also the only Japanese bar in Singapore that is dedicated to shochu (as of 2007).
Shochu is nice! LOTS of different ones...there are more than 50 types served here - consumed in a variety of ways, from neat or on the rocks to having it mixed in a cocktail, my dinner companion was amused before being a bit annoyed that I could not decide wat to haf!
When one comes to an izakaya, the highlight is always the sumiyaki(charcoal-grill). The grilled options are great! At Satsuma, the grill does not disappoint.
The pork with leek, chicken balls were good, softshell crab was ok. Mackeral is somewhat yucky
Sashimi was thick and yumm!

Overall, I'll give it a B, the plus was taken away by the cost, even for a Jap meal, i think it's ex. abt $40 per person! Erm...thanks for the treat Shuhuai!
Cuisine: Modern Japanese Cuisine wif Shochu specialty
Ambience: A
Service: B
Food: A
Price: C
Overall: B