Tuesday, March 13

Makan Reviews

I L-O-V-E food. Period.

and i love to review stuff!
So I shld give a shot at writing reviews...specifically food reviews.

I can't promise fancy writing that promises to whet yer appetite but wat i can promise is simple, straightforward no-nonsense no fancy pancy review of the place, food and service.

First up, my latest craze about all things indian (Ash!!! I love you!!! :P)

So it is only appropriate that I review my fave indian eating place in Sg - Annalakshmi!

Eat as you like, pay as you feel...

So...What does Annalakshmi mean?

Annalakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Food and the adage "athithi devo bhava" meaning "the Guest is God" is the motivating factor. This factor is a tribute to the Goddess of Plenty, Annalakshmi. These ideals, the warmth and the service very soon capture the imagination of diners. Opened since 1983 when it was first located at the Exclesior Annalakshmi aims to provide food for the soul by providing a good wholesome meal to those who walk in.

The most attractive part of it (to Singaporeans especially) is the philosophy of giving what you feel. In other words...u pay watever amount u feel like giving.
And I feel like giving $20 for my meal! It has yummy indian food!
Friendly service and nice ambience
Location's not bad (Chinatown Point), and it's near to MRT (Chinatown)
Other locations around the world include Perth, KL, and Penang.
Personally, I tried the one in KL (Midvalley Megamall), it's slightly different (it's buffet style, so no menu) but is just as good! Try the pappadums and lassi esp, one of my faves!

I give it an A!
For more info, goto http://www.annalakshmi.com.sg/index.htm

My other raves...a quick review...
  • PS Cafe - avoid eating a meal there, just go there for drinks and desserts. B+
  • Settlers Cafe - hawker centre western food, but the games are great! B-
  • Liquid Kitchen - menu has variety and nice drinks and finger food. B+
  • TCC - wide variety of food and drinks, nice decor BUT I feel that it's a tad bit pricey so...go to Starbucks (I love its green tea frappe!) instead if u just want drinks! B-