Monday, March 5

The Mis-adventures of Ah Jzin

There was this boy...his name was Ah Jzin. Since coming back from Adelaide, he had alwis wanted to KL to visit this old fren and he was pretty hyped up abt the trip. So he took a trip to KL one weekend. This is his story...

Ah Jzin and fren in question had been keeping in contact since they parted in Adl. They stayed in contact ever since. Both discussed that Ah Jzin should make a trip up to KL from Singapore and meet up. So Ah Jzin just had to wait for the right time and save up for the trip. But alas, fate would have it that there be obstacles and delays...the trip was actually postponed 3 times!

Finally, on a March weekend, there was time and nothing to stop the bus ride to KL. So the bus ride was booked for Friday morning with Grassland Express. "Yipppeee!" Ah Jzin thought...finally this trip is happening! However when the sms was send to old fren, Ah Jzin thot the reply from old fren seems a tad bit indifferent..."hmmm, I must be oversensitive", Ah Jzin thot to himself, dismissing the thot.

Friday came and little did Ah Jzin realised that he was gonna get more than just a simple meeting with an old fren...

So Ah Jzin, being the silly boy he is, thought he was supposed to be at the meeting point at 9, little did he realise that the bus DEPARTS AT 9! SO...silly boy almost missed his bus...wat a way to start!

So, finally...on his way to KL! Had his fave Ramly burger along the way, slept most of the journey till reached KL.
First task...go to accomodation...The Radius Int'l...nice place...ok location (Jln Bintang Chengkat), resonable price, but slow service! Lousy TV shows. B-

Second day...Replica Inn...looks nice from the outside BUT the inside is budget look...diaoz...
but for the price, i can't realli was good. Location is the best among the 3 places i stayed. But again, lousy TV shows. B-

Third day, Hotel fave of the lot. It's clean, looks new, good location, it's also near the Jln Alor hawker street! And better TV shows! so overall I'll give it a B+.