Sunday, April 1

Nuts abt Donuts?!

Some of u might have seen that (ridiculously) long snake of a queue at Raffles City

The Place - Donut Factory

The Hype - I seriously dun noe!

Mayyyyyyyybe itz the attraction to a long queue that entices the Singaporean, I mean, Hullo! Kitty anyone? The parents queuing for pri school registrations, etc need I say more?

Seriously, if not fer my fren who was already queuing up for the donuts, I would never queue up (for 3 hours) for donuts! I spotted some people in the queue with chairs! Well, My fren and I certainly did not have any chairs. I joined her (standing) at the 3rd hour and I was already complaining, 3 hrs??? I would have burned down the shop

That aside, when I finally reached the pearly gates of donut heaven, I decided, hell, why shld I buy only three donuts after queuing for sooo long? So in the end I bought 2 boxes (one for my fren, hey...if I can make another fren happy why not?) Anyway, Jie loved it when I gave her some. I liked it too. Just not enough to ever queue up for donuts.

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