Tuesday, April 17

Miss Singapore Universe (MSU)

My thoughts on Miss Singapore Universe Pageant
  • Most of the contestants are bad representations of an English-speaking country.
  • Most are bad public speakers.
  • Where's the poise and grace?
Every year, while I was overseas (for the past 5 years), at this time, I wld keep an eye on local events (namely the MSU). I would ask for '8 Days' and clips abt the MSU to be sent to me.
Of course, the first impression me and my pals (which, btw are girls) can get is from that one -page photo expose of the contestants.
That wld be our first peek on how that year's MSU might turn out. AND every year we all unanimously say the same thing "...aiyo why this year like that again?" or something to that extent.

Hmm, wonder if the judges forgot their glasses and hearing aids 'tikam-tikam boh tiok'!

Pity, for the longest time, no Indians won (u know how i love Ash Rai rite?!) and I digress...

Click here to see this year's contestants

To call them pretty, can lah.. to call them erm, beautiful also can lah.. but to have them compete in an international BEAUTY pagent is a total wrong move!!!! Most of them are not beautiful enuf to even compete against our neighbour’s representative.. not even once in S'pore’s history of pageants. Itz not that we do not have beautiful women on this tiny island...we do! BUT where are they?!

On an empirical level, we all know that the Miss Singapore Universe organisers have a propensity to crown slit-eyed manjens who can’t differentiate between their Rs and Ls. Beauty may be subjective. But year in, year out, the contestants seem to be sub-standard cookie-cutter girls, who won't even get pass the first round in the real Miss Universe contest.

Having 3 or 10 judges is inarbitrary, because we all know which ‘juggernaut’community will win. Attempts at focusing on brains and intellect is evidently contrived, affected and overrated.

high qualifications, but lousy answers.
Most dun even answer the question.

Qn: “what do you think of the notion that local men are not as attractive as foreign men?”
Ans(1): “………erm, but i tink, be it local or foreign men, they just don’t get it!”
Ans(2): I dated short & plump guys…..blah, bblah, blah..”

(hu wants to noe hu they dated? dah lak buruk, buta lak tu!)*pfft!*
ok, i digressed…again.

Sadly, beauty competitions are not considered to be a waste of time as it is a good money-making machine that will never die. Think of the acting opportunities, sponsorship - advertising, a start to tat climb to fame...

People and media shouldn’t inflict this irritating notion that being beautiful is good and being not beautiful is as good as ugly especially to ourselves, let alone the young.

Beauty is subjective to a person. Therefore beauty exists, just not in every contestant in Miss Singapore Universe.

As for my own personal view, I hope that beauty pageants be scrapped.