Sunday, April 22

MSU 2007

Who do the girls think is their biggest competitor?

Jessica Tan
"Jessica. She has the composure and the elegance that is required of a beauty queen and I'll be very proud of her if she represents Singapore." - Fang Yu Ying

"Jessica. She has the elegance and confidence of a beauty queen and she looks perfect at every angle. She is beautiful inside too." - Adlina Adil

"Christabel. She has the height and a performing background, so she is more confident and exposed (to being in the limelight)." - Judy Lee

Just finished viewing the MSU 2007 finals. And my sister and I thought that this year's results were rather predictable. Hot faves Jessica, Christabel, and Joey won the top spots, no surprises there actually.

I must say that Jessica has got the looks to have what it takes to make it. I mean, even the rest of the contestants thought so (see above). I would dare to say that she'll probably be the one to go the furthest in this year's Miss Universe.
However, I was rather disappointed that Christabel wasn't the one to be crowned. Sigh...after all, this IS a beauty contest and despite her being a natural on screen. In my opinion, she has the wits, personality and the smarts.

Another fave of mine, Joey, has got the cutesy looks. Her answers were pretty good too. Smartly avoiding the question and giving a different answer unlike the others.

Here's a short bio on our top 3

Miss Singapore Universe 2007
Jessica Tan

Age: 24

Occupation: Flight Stewardess

Hobbies: Baking, cooking, computer games, supermarket shopping, drawing

Motto in life: “Live life to the fullest and bring smiles to other people’s lives”


Name: Joey Feng

Age: 22

Occupation: Undergraduate

Hobbies: Playing netball, jogging, sun tanning and hanging out with friends.

Motto in life: “Live life to the fullest and dare to dream because dreams do come true”

"I do NOT have Angelina Jolie's body so I've got to start working hard right now to build up the abs to flaunt my body on stage." - Joey Feng
on her thoughts abt the Swimsuit Segment


2nd runner-up

Name: Christabel Campbell

Age: 19

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: Creative writing, traveling (“I have an intense curiosity in what is out there beyond the comfort of home.”) and music

Motto in life: “We are blessed to bless”

Christabel Campell
"There is a high chance that when I'm on stage, the bright lights will distract me and I will black out. But, the segment that I'm most confident in, is also the Q&A because it is my chance to, in that thirty seconds, show a bit more of who I am. It's like a double-edged sword." - the Q&A segment may ace or axe her chances, says Christabel Campbell

"It may. As a journalist, I have a day to edit my work. Q&A is more of on-the-spot thinking, and it really puts you on the spot...but it helps me to use my language to buy time." - Christabel on whether her journalism background will help her in the Q&A segment.